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Chapter 11 – Evolution of health care policy: Deconstructing divergent approaches
Ideological Perspective
Common goals regarding health care:
• Social protection: enable those with fewer resources access to health care • Redistribution: Redistribute health care costs among individuals, employers
and society • Efficiency: Ensure efficiency in the production and consumption of health
• Personal freedom – absence of coercion • Limited government – enforce rules to sustain free market only. Limits
defined in constitution • Equality of right – same rules apply for all. Equal opportunity. Promote
individual potential. • Consent of the governed – elections
Socialism (opposes market economy)
• Assets owned by community. Benefits distributed to all. • Equality of result • Political gradualism. Make state more politically accountable.
Free market
• Liberal • Public welfare promoted by a competitive market • Utility-maximizing, profit-maximizing ! optimal distribution of goods • However, doesn’t always produce efficient outcomes ! market failures !
rationale for government intervention
Planned economy
US – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
• based on a system of private health insurance