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Chapter 9 – Social Determinants of health
• Income and distribution • Availability and affordability of housing • Stability and quality of employment • Provision of health and social services
affected by Government public policy which is affected by:
• Polictical • Economic and social forces.
Central theme of chapter – even public policies in non-health related domains have string influence on health care and well being.
Public policy are decisions made by government – a course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address a problem that is not private in nature.
Esping-Anderson 2002 – Modern welfare state is to provide sufficient economic support for citizens across lifespan.
• Requires accumulation of cognitize and social capital – depends on economic and social conditions of childhood. Child welfare is critical.
• Also benefit from women in workplace • Providing training to assist works in tough employment situations
Shaw and colleagues – Societal support very important for life transitions:
• Start and graduation of school • Employment and loss of employment • Retirement
Support includes income and employment security, equal distribution of resources and educational and training opportunities.
Government commitments that make society vibrant and healthy with well-functioning economy:
• Government transfer of resources to citizens in need: o In terms of cash, health and social services, employment, educational and family support
Important indicator of general public policy: extend on which a nation distributes resources among population or how much of GDP is spent as social spending
Overall Spending on Transfers
Transfers refer to government using fiscal resources generated by the economy and distributing them to the populace.