Sam Lanfranco professor review

Sam Lanfranco

Overall quality: 3.6   Average Grade: B+

bad reviews

Sam Lanfranco is very boring, and there is also no point in going to class. You only had to show up 2 times during the year: midterm and final. The midterm was easy and final was harder. He gives all multiple choice, usually 40 midterm, and 100 final. No quizzes, which I liked.

I would say he is a very boring prof & is always mumbling so its hard to understand like he’s talking to himself. But you dont need to attend class just do the readings and he’s a VERY EASY PROF, exams are easy so it’s an easy A. His class avg. are low but it’s because he can’t teach, but asses easily. If you have prev. econ exp. than take this!

This prof seems like a nice guy but he is EXTREMELY boring. Lectures are pointless, he kinda repeats the textbook and really doesn’t explain things. If you study the textbook really well you will do amazing. BUT there is about 13-14 chapters on the final exam so it really is a lot of info to take in


good reviews

Great Professor. Follow the practice samples he is giving before the midterm or final and it is very possible to get an A+. You can also attend econman1 tutorials which helped a lot to organize the information.

Amazing teacher with global economic experience.Take this class only if you plan to attend it. He teaches so much stuff that’s not in the book, and even corrects content from the book. He’s not braindead. He’s able to undermine content from the book. If you’re complaining that he doesn’t focus on the book, you clearly didn’t come to class.Loved it.

Sam Lanfranco is a great prof.Lectures not necessary;he stated in the 1st class his sensitivity towards busy students who cannot make 7-10pm class/all he will teach is in the textbook.After the 1st test, the lectures were very close to empty(~20 students,capacity~200).He is the most understanding prof ever,and truly cares for students.Bellcurved hardcore.Easy A/A+.

Sam Lanfranco is a very lax professor. He wants students to succeed. I did not feel it was necessary to attend the lectures. I just read the book and e-mailed him with any questions. He is VERY clear about what will be and what will not be on exams. I would definitely take the course with him again.

Sam Lanfranco

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