Ardeshir Noordeh professor review

Ardeshir Noordeh

Overall quality: 3.1   Average Grade: A

good reviews

Ardeshir Noordeh is very helpful and goes into detail about almost all concepts. However its a little hard to understand him with his accent and sometimes pauses in the middle of sentences to try to think of how to say what he wants to say in English and by the time he gets it, you forgot what he was talking about in the first place. Hard assessmentsbell curved

He is a very nice and motivating professor. I had blended course but i went to every class because the way he teaches it makes you understand very well and not fall sleep during his classes. He provides the lecture notes and all the information needed on MYECONLAB but you’ll be good just by going to his classes.

Read off Ardeshir Noorde”s slides, even the examples he used were from the textbook. Pretty boring dude, but his exams were straight forward. He posts stuff late and emails late, sometimes never at all. But I don’t care because I just need a prof whos exams are fair and his was. Got a B+

Easiest 3000 level course I have ever taken. Barely went to class, studied off his lecture slides and it was quite enough. His exam was extremely easy, class average was quite high.

bad reviews

OMG so SO boring!! Does nothing but read off of his slides. You don’t even need to attend his class! Just study of the slides and you’ll be good to go. You don’t even need to buy the book!

I didn’t do well in this class, He once yelled at me for asking a question, and apologized to the class to accommodate students that are slow in grabbing things. All I can say is work hard and you’ll excel, his two midterms were fair but his exam was deadly. Going for classes didn’t profit me at all, study ahead and make use of your TA.

Very bad experience , i took this course as a bird course and i regret i ended spending all of my time studying for this course and i would still fail his exams. His exams are advanced and shouldnt be to first year student! NEVER TAKE IT WITH THIS PROFESSOR! it doesnt matter how smart you are you are going to still spend alot of time for his exams!

Ardeshir Noordeh is useless. U wont learn anythimg from him study on ur own. Going to class is completely useless. Unexpected questions on the test. Midterm and final are based on advanced macroeconomics.

Ardeshir Noordeh


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