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Avi Cohen

Overall quality: 4.5   Average Grade: A

good reviews

Avi Cohen is THE BEST PROF IN YORK! He is clear, helpful and inspirational. Read the textbook and attend classes. He is the best prof anyone could ever have for a course. Exam was very difficult so study a bit harder for the exam than the midterms.

heavy textbook use, do the assigned questions, tests are all M/C and are similar to the textbook questions, do your readings.

Text book is vital. Posts lecture and voice recordings online although I would recommend actually coming because you can benefit greatly for hearing him answer questions. Forces students to engage with weekly quizzes and assignments. There is no way to do poorly, unless you choose not to do the work.

New course being taught this year. He wrote the book and makes it really easy for non-majors to grasp the basic concepts of Economics without needing to understand the hardcore math. All the examples use basic (albeit simplistic) examples to teach the concepts. Very approachable and helpful. It’s not a walk in the park but he gives you the tool

Avi Cohen is a very inspiring teacher. thought-provoking economist. He wants you to start THINKING about the concepts critically. HIGHLY COMMITTED. Very smart and modern approach towards student. One word. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Fantastic Professor! Explains concepts very clearly, lots of examples, he’s so clear that you can play tetris on your phone all class and still understand everything (not relaly, don’t try that). Word of caution: ECON 1900 isn’t a bird course, the exam’s actually hard! If you’re good with math you’re better off taking ECON 1000

Really good lecturer. Very clear but sometimes lectures were kinda boring b/c the material but he was always enthusiastic. Tests are fair, on the easy side but I thought the short answers were a little hard, MC was easy peasy

Avi Cohen


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