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By Han Kyul Lee on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 11:38pm

ECON 1000 3.00 Introduction to Microeconomics


“Semester Taken: Fall 2011

Professor: Sadia Mariam Malik

Prerequisites: None

Breakdown: 20% MyEconLab quizzes (Best 4 out of 6), 30% Midterm Exam, 50% Final Exam (all multiple choice)

Comments: This is possibly one of the most widely discussed and studied courses across all of York University, and there are already thousands of posts regarding the level of difficulty of these courses. Sadia Malik’s class is arguably easier than other 1000-level ECON classes to get a good grade in. The midterm exam is very simple, although I would advise you to take your time reading all the options carefully. The final exam is more difficult, but still completely reasonable. It is cumulative, but if you ask me, it works to your favour because the pre-midterm chapters serve as a foundation for the chapters afterwards. She gives multiple attempts, and takes the best attempt, for all MyEconLab quizzes, because they were designed to help students get the important topics down. This makes it easy to get full 20% marks on them, even if she doesn’t just take the best 4 of 6. (In my opinion, it might be better if she takes all 6 quizzes because students have more of an incentive to take them seriously as a learning opportunity).


While generally regarded as easy, there are always people who have trouble with these courses and need quality assistance. I will boldly claim that there is no better teacher for that at York University than Sadia Malik. She is one of the few professors who are really there to help students learn, even if she gets nothing in return for doing so. You can walk into her office at any time she’s holding them, and ask her any question. She is extremely good at helping students understand the material, and is willing to save any student from trouble, whether they are enrolled in her class or not. She will repeat a concept several times if students are confused. Because of her willingness to assist students, she has made significant efforts to teach class in a way that makes it easy to understand the material, and so her lecturing ability has improved dramatically since her first year of teaching, when I have attended her classes. I am personally very proud of her, and wish more professors can be like her. She teaches different classes this year, and I hope she does a good job in teaching them as well.

Recommend?: Two thumbs up, but even before I can recommend her class, I’m sure nowadays all the seats become full for this professor’s classes soon after her name gets announced! Good luck enrolling! There is clearly excess demand for a seat in Sadia’s economics classes. Applies to ECON 1010 as well”


ECON 1010 3.00 Introduction to Macroeconomics


“See post 1 above for a comment on Sadia Mariam Malik’s section”


ECON 3430 3.00 Monetary Economics I: Financial Markets and Institutions


“Semester Taken: Winter 2014

Professor: Javad Sadeghzadeh

Prerequisites: ECON 1000, ECON 1010, or equivalents

Breakdown: Maximum of 1) 25% midterm exam 1, 25% midterm exam 2, 50% final exam

2) 25% midterm exam 1, 75% final exam

3) 25% midterm exam 2, 75% final exam

4) 100% final exam

Comments: I don’t really know what I should say here. I didn’t really think of Javad as a teacher, really. He actually spent more time doing sample questions with the class and taking them up more than walking us through the material. Having said that, the exam questions paralleled nicely with what the sample questions, but I learned mostly from the textbook. At least the topics in the class were rather interesting for me.

Recommend?: To get a grade, sure. To learn something? Nope.”


ECON 3440 3.00 Monetary Economics II: Theory and Policy


“Semester Taken: Summer 2014 (S2)

Professor: Sharif Khan

Prerequisites: ECON 1000, ECON 1010, or equivalents

Breakdown: Maximum of 1) 40% midterm exam, 60% final exam

2) 100% final exam

Comments:  Sharif is actually a nice guy and a good person to talk to. Unfortunately, I found his lectures terribly boring and ineffective for learning, the main thing being that he hardly interacts with his students or gives people the opportunity to answer any thought-provoking questions. He copies directly from the textbook, which I don’t mind, but he can rarely explain what is actually being discussed without reading it over. Fortunately, he is good at telling you what it is you need to practice and learn to get through the course. He does this through ‘optional assignments’ which are basically “read this, give an example of that off the textbook”, etc. You can access all past courses and files on his website, if you wish you to self-teach everything without the hassle of enrolling in one of his classes already: http://dept.econ.yorku.ca/~khans/

Recommend?: I can recommend the course if topics in ECON 1010 were of interest to you, and you want to explore that in further detail. If you need a teacher, however, I hope York has some better ones.”


ECON 3580 3.00 International Monetary Economics


“Semester Taken: Summer 2014 (S2)

Professor: Sharif Khan

Prerequisites: ECON 1000, ECON 1010, or equivalents

Breakdown: Maximum of 1) 40% midterm exam, 60% final exam

2) 100% final exam

Comments: See the first comment under ECON 3440 above. I would write something very similar to that here.

Recommend?: Same as ECON 3440 above.”


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