York ADMS Bird Courses

ADMS Bird Courses

By Austin MoeZac on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 12:48am

Bird Courses

ADMS 3331         Introduction to Operations Research

ADMS 3440         Leadership and Management Skills

ADMS 3450         Employment Equity and Diversity

ADMS 3701         Disaster Risk Management

Good Teachers and/or “Birdy” Professors (If you have to take it, try to look for those profs.)

ADMS 1000         Intro to Administrative Studies w/ Prof. Len Karakowsky*, Indira Somwaru

ADMS 1010         Business in Canadian Context w/ Prof. Alison Kemper

ADMS 2200         Intro Marketing w/ Prof.  Lee Zhixiong Li*, Charles Hendriks

ADMS 2320         Quantitative Methods I w/ Prof.  Michael Rochon 

ADMS 2400         Intro to Organizational Behavior w/ Prof. Indira Somwaru, Julia Richardson  

ADMS 2510         Intro to Management Accounting w/ Prof. Nelson Waweru

ADMS 2511         Management Information Systems w/ Prof. Hila Cohen, Carl Lapp*

ADMS 2600         Human Resources Management w/ Prof. Linda Love

ADMS 3330         Quantitative Methods II w/ Prof. Shamim Abdullah, Michael Rochon

ADMS 3530         Finance w/ Prof. Lois King, Samuel Alagurajah

ADMS 3585         Intermediate Accounting I / Prof. Liona Lai

ADMS 3595         Intermediate Accounting II / Prof. Sung S Kwon

ADMS 4501         Advanced Portfolio Management w/ Prof. Lois King

ADMS 4502         Ethics for Investment Managers w/ Prof. Paul Fettes 

*Bird course professors

Profs to Avoid

ADMS 1000 Keith Lehrer

ADMS 1010 Diane Jurkowski, James Love

ADMS 2200 Kim Snow, Richard Patterson

ADMS 2320 Henry Bartel

ADMS 2400 Keith Lehrer

ADMS 2500 John Kucharczuk

ADMS 2510 Lawrence Shum

ADMS 2511 Kenneth Cudeck, John Kucharczuk

ADMS 2600 Paul Fairlie

ADMS 3510 Lawrence Shum

ADMS 3585 John Kucharczuk

ADMS 3930 Diane Jurkowski

Note: If you know bird courses, easy profs, hard courses and bad profs, feel free to update the list.


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