York is on STRIKE!

york strike

After 6 years of peace, 3,700 Contracted Professor and teaching assistants at York University rejected the offer by the university and officially went on strike at 12:00am March 3rd. Before the voting, bargaining team had made some progresses on the collective agreement, but they suggested that the result is dissatisfying earlier on Monday, March 2nd. The result of the voting was not surprising, 71 percent of vote against the current agreement. And all academic activities will remain shutting during the strike with no exception.


Although, Canadian Union of Public Employee (CUPE) 3903 stroke for three month before settle down in 2008. Ahmed, the president of CUPE 3903 was confident that they would obtain a satisfied agreement very soon and. He suggested that they are not so far from getting an agreement with the university and would bargain with the university again on Tuesday.


According to York University official, the university is going to close all the classes, exam and any other academic activities to make it fair for all the students and avoid potential for confusion between courses (taught by CUPE 3903 contracted members and tenured faculty member).


Up to now, Ontario has two of its large universities went on strike during the last period of the academic year. Although Unit 1(contracted lecturers/professors) in CUPE 3902 in Toronto has reached a collective agreement two weeks before, campuses at University of Toronto is disrupted by on-strike teaching assistants who does not satisfied with their paid.


Students are one of the major victims in these strikes. Many graduating students at York University expressed their worries on their graduation date before the strike started. The strike might also impact the future recruitment of the university. Rob Cappelletto, the instructor of Jazz program indicated, the recruitment of the program was reduced dramatically after the strike in 2008.




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